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South Point Roofing & Construction Case Studies: Vent pipe boot and collar replacement

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 by Billy Hawley


Plumbing vents, which are also referred to as the venting system, are special pipes that lead from the appliances in your home to an outdoor area. Usually, these vents lead up to the roof. The vents serve a very important purpose for plumbing. Rather than carrying water through the pipes leading to the vents, these pipes carry sewer gases. Without proper venting, the health and comfort of you and your family can be at risk.

The plumbing vent pipes that stick out of your roof are often sealed with a rubber pipe boot to keep rain from entering your home. These rubber boots deteriorate when exposed to the sun and high temperatures on the roof causing them to crack and leave a gap where water can enter the house. When this happens, the roof can leak causing water to enter the attic space and leave wet marks on the ceiling of the interior of the home. A water spot on the ceiling can be an indication of a bigger problem with the roof.



This home had four of these pipe boots replaced as well as a patch of shingles installed. This solved the problem of a leaky roof and left the homeowner with a more efficient and safer home. From shingles and gutters to pipe boots and vent collars, South Point Roofing and Construction can handle them all!

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